Standard Metals Processing, Inc. (Standard Metals, the Company) (OTCCBB:SMPR), as a result of an acquisition it completed in March 2011, will offer custom, specialty and toll milling services primarily to Junior mining companies based in the western US, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Toll milling is a process whereby mined material is crushed and ground into fine particles to ease the extraction of any precious minerals contained therein, such as gold, silver, platinum, and rare earth metals. Custom milling and refining can include many different processes to extract precious metals from ore, carbon or concentrates.

The milling services will provide the Company with an immediate and on-going revenue stream and help assuage the impact from the fluctuations in precious metal prices.

The Company’s assets include one of the largest private land holdings in Esmeralda County, NV (with one of the largest tailings holdings), historical ore dumps and substantial water rights.

The tailing holdings and ore dumps represent potentially significant precious metal reserves for the Company, akin to a large Junior mining company. The difference, however, with the Junior mining companies, is that Standard Metals’ reserves have already been mined, are above ground and require no expense related to exploration. Standard Metals is commencing a Third-party verification to validate the value of the holdings and will comply with all federal, state and local regulatory guidelines for its operations.



Standard Metals seeks to capitalize on rising precious metal prices, greater mineral exploration in combination with a lack of independent toll milling capacity and a dearth of specialized milling expertise by becoming the leading provider of toll, specialty and custom milling services for precious and rare earth metals to mining companies and their investors throughout the world.



Standard Metals plans on extracting what most others can’t. An experienced team integrated with versatile facilities and powerful tools will provide custom solutions for your ore needs. These same tools, combined with the art and science of modern metallurgy, will provide maximum yields of precious metals skillfully and quickly.

Customized solutions that compliment your business may include, but certainly not limited to, (a) Analytical Protocol Development, (b) Extraction Amenability, (c) Proprietary Milling Operations, (d) Lab Design & Commissioning, (e) Process Engineering Services, (f) Refining, and eventually (g) Bonded Warehouse Storage


Gold pour

Standard Metals is well positioned to capitalize on a convergence of macroeconomic factors, including: (a) rising precious metals prices, (b) greater exploration, including the re-opening of existing mines with proven reserves, (c) the need for processing capabilities for various precious metals, (d) a lack of independent toll milling capacity, (e) long environmental lead times to build mills, (f) the high cost of building a new mill ($20M - $30M), and (g) the specialized skill in milling as opposed to mining. By providing specialized milling services, Standard Metals is in a unique position to be a very successful company, especially given the current precious metal prices and without the reliance on hit and miss exploratory drilling programs.